Control those free radicals!

A potent antioxidant neutralizing free radicals. The damage done by free radicals plays a major role in premature ageing, among others.

The herbs in Neutralex are very powerful antioxidants capable of neutralising a vast amount of the free radicals we are exposed to daily, thereby promoting overall good health and vitality. The accumulated damage caused by free radicals often lies at the root of ill health whether it be in organs, in the brain or in tissues. Damage caused by free radicals can affect the cells' energy production (mitochondrial output), the flexibility of the arteries and the elasticity of the skin and can provoke cell mutation (DNA damage) – among others. Neutralex supports any given healing process.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that in an attempt to achieve stability ‘steal’ electrons from other molecules thereby damaging those molecules – an oxidative process.

Ideal for..

  • Healthy working cells.
  • Efficient neutralization of free radicals – anti-oxidation – everywhere in the body.
  • Smokers and (excessive) sunbathers.
  • Cell protection.
  • Healing.

VitaZymes’ herbal products offer the highest quality, purest herbs available worldwide.

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