Help your digestive system!

Supports a healthy working digestive system.

Trimmex supports a healthy digestive system – the stomach and intestines. A poor digestive system affects the nutrient supply to cells – how well the cells work and, thereby, our general health and well-being. It can also cause complaints such as bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. The herbs in Trimmex help to cleanse the intestines and can, thus, be effective in supporting a healthy weight loss regime.

Ideal for..

  • An overall healthy digestive system – stomach and intestines.
  • Cleaning the intestines. (*)
  • Healthy intestinal walls.
  • A healthy weight.
  • A healthy metabolism.

(*) May be useful in ridding some of the many parasites that live in our guts.

VitaZymes’ herbal products offer the highest quality, purest herbs available worldwide.

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